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Our purpose is to help more and more people experience financial well-being. Together we want to contribute to a more equitable and resilient world – today and for generations to come.

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The firm was formed in 2021 by a group of individuals who had been investing together since 2019.  StoQ Brother’s mission is to deliver superior investment results with risk under control for our members, educate our community, help college students to get necessary industry experience and to conduct our business with the highest integrity.   To be successful, we foster a diverse, connected, collaborative culture that encourages different ways of thinking and differentiated insights.  Our current focus is on education, college and university programs, and financial investments.  

StoQ Brothers includes a diverse team of professionals with a unifying investment philosophy including risk control, consistency, market specialization, bottom-up analysis and the avoidance of market timing.  We also host six to eight training sessions  annually for individuals and professionals  that can help you build a solid foundation for investing in the stock market.  We believe in the power of transparency to hold ourselves and others accountable for continuous progress.


We want to help take the fear out of the stock market and help more and more people to experience financial well-being.  We want to teach you what others already know.  We want to be a resource you can trust.

College & University Program

The goal is to help you cultivate the tools you need to build your career.  We want to assist you in taking the next step.  We offer two program levels:  Junior Analyst and Business Internships.

Diversity & Inclusion

To be successful, we foster a diverse, connected, collaborative culture that encourages different ways of thinking and differentiated insights.  It’s not enough to ensure that every voice at StoQ Brothers is heard—we’re striving to amplify the power of those voices.


Our goal is superior investment performance with low risk. We want to place the highest priority on preventing losses. We believe “if we avoid the losers, the winners will take care of themselves.”

It is our belief that a superior record is best built on a high battle average rather than a mix of brilliant successes and dismal failures.

We feel that our hard work, focus, and specialization can lead to expertise or a “Knowledge Advantage,” in a particular sector and thus can lead  to potentially superior investment results. 

We believe consistently excellent performance can be achieved through superior knowledge of companies and their securities. Therefore, our micro-investment process is entirely bottom-up, based on company-specific research.

The key to diversification is to find the right balance between risk and stability. A diversified portfolio helps minimize risk. We believe it can help us to maximize returns and avoid some financial losses.                                     

Because the market and its trends keep changing constantly, we do not believe in the predictive ability required to correctly time markets, we keep portfolios fully invested whenever attractively priced assets can be bought.


What is an Investment Portfolio?

What is an Investment Portfolio?

An investment portfolio is a collection of different types of investments or asset classes, including stocks, bonds, cash and other securities.  “Investment portfolios are appropriate for anyone who wants to grow their income or financial nest egg in the pursuit of a...

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How much do you need to start an investment portfolio?

How much do you need to start an investment portfolio?

How much do you need to start an investment portfolio? You can start building your portfolio with as little as a few hundred dollars and add to that amount as you earn and save more money. 1 - Weigh your tolerance for risk Risk and return go hand in hand, but a key is...

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High IV in Options and How it Affects Returns?

High IV in Options and How it Affects Returns?

In this post, I want to cover some of the risks behind buying options with a high volatility.  A strategy that many traders use (maybe knowingly or unknowingly), but not one I would recommend, especially for beginners. A call option means you are bullish on the stock...

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Why Invest in the Stock Market?

Why Invest in the Stock Market?

For most of us, retirement is a long way off, which we think we will do later. But today is the best time to start, and most people put it off, either because they fear what they don’t know or feel they don’t have enough money to start. The stock market is one of the...

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Five Things to Consider Before Investing

Five Things to Consider Before Investing

We need to discuss some foundational ideas to set ourselves up for success. These ideas consider our goals, preferences, risk tolerance, and what kinds of accounts to open to best fit our needs. Investing, like everything else, is a personal choice.  What works for...

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Developing a Strategy & Trading Plan

Developing a Strategy & Trading Plan

If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail.  Planning helps to mitigate emotions although your emotions can never be eliminated totally.  Know thyself!  Key questions that you want to ask your self include the following: How involved do you want to be? How involved...

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Darrel Powell

This group is informative and task oriented.  It’s a great introduction to the
industry.  It is building my confidence in investing in stocks daily.

Martez Edwards

I love the pace of the group. The guys show tremendous
discipline and patience which you really need to be
successful in the stock market.

Randy Fuller

The members of this organization are special. The friendship
and brotherhood is great. I’m so glad I joined this group.

Andrew Bruce

I have taken in so much information in just a short
period of time. The brothers and the knowledge shared
is amazing. This is real brotherhood.

Derek Fulford

Great assembly of like minded men engaged in a learning
experience journey structured to cultivate investment
strategies to facilitate economic growth.

Steve Williams

Being added to this group has increased my knowledge of stock
investing tremendously.  I have confidence in investing in the stock market.

Marcus Greene

This is a special group of brothers coming together to do something extraordinary.
I am enjoying learning from and collaborating with this group of black men.

Brandon Bather

I’m excited to contribute to  an organization that has a
focus on helping others to be successful.  This is such
a great opportunity for me.

James Burton

Having a community of like minded individuals to discuss
market strategies and ideas is invaluable!

Brian Moss

The professionalism, knowledge, and the
brotherhood all make the difference.

Kendrick Cloud

I have an introductory understanding about trading, but was
looking to gain more knowledge about the subject. What better
way to embark on this than with my brothers.

Marcus Moye

I’m so grateful for the StoQ Brothers.
The experience so far has been great.

George Thomas

This has been the most productive group that I’ve been a part of since joining the fraternity.
We are making great progress toward building generational wealth.

Guy Johnson

We are on to something great here!

Henry Murphy

This is a group of men providing education, strategies, and
diligence on investing in the stock market that can lead
to generational wealth.

Lawrence Taylor

The knowledge and the brotherhood is special.

Rob Hatchett

The future is looking bright with StoQ Brothers. The
members are great and the knowledge is plentiful. Thanks
for sharing.

Athon Barron

This has been an eye opening experience. The knowledge
and brothers being willing to share is unbelievable.

Jerry McCord

This organization is about business. I have learned so much in
just a short time. Things are looking up!

Tennessee Gibbs

Just what I was looking for. A place to share my
experience, grow with the organization and enjoy the brotherhood.

James Ussery

This has been a learning experience.  The knowledge and
the brotherhood have all been superb.

Sean Harris

Just what I’ve been looking for. A place to learn and
grow. I want to leave something extra for my kids and
StoQ Brothers gives me the opportunity to do so.

Sekou Charles

I couldn’t be more excited about what’s going on with StoQ Brothers.

John Bommer

I’m looking forward to great things from StoQ Brothers.

Otis Chandler

I’m grateful for the information and the journey thus far. Looking
forward to growing and contributing to the mission.

Terry Carter

StoQ Brothers is doing something special. I’m happy to be a part.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a broker?

No we are not a brokerage company.

What are your training goals?

Our primary goals are to:

1. Add value from a “knowledge advantage” that can come only from proprietary, in-depth research.

2.  Help you to understand the benefits of passive income and how the market works.

3.  Share the fruits of our labor within our community by giving back.

What to look for in a brokerage account?
There are plenty of great brokerage accounts to choose from. But you can narrow them down by looking for a few things in particular:

  • Diverse investment options
  • Reasonable commissions
  • No unnecessary extra fees
  • Affordable account minimums
  • Research and educational resources
  • Reliable online and mobile access

Different investors will weigh these factors differently, but they tend to be important for just about every investor.

What are the types of investments you can make with a brokerage account?

Common stock

Common stock is the most common ownership interest investors take in a company. The shareholders of a company’s common stock share in certain benefits, such as gains in the stock price or dividends that the company pays. Shareholders also have the right to vote on certain corporate decisions.

Preferred stock

Preferred stock is a completely different type of stock from common stock. Its preference comes from the fact that when a company pays dividends, it has to pay preferred shareholders full dividends before it pays common shareholders anything. Similarly, if a company goes out of business, then any remaining cash upon liquidation first goes to preferred shareholders up to a set amount, with any remainder going to common shareholders.


Bonds are loans that investors make to companies or governments. They don’t represent ownership in a company, but rather are debt obligations that the entity has to repay.

In exchange for getting the investors’ money, the company or government agrees to make fixed interest payments over the course of the loan. At maturity, the entity then repays the principal amount in full. Therefore, bonds don’t typically see growth in their value but rather are attractive almost entirely for the interest they pay.


REIT stands for real estate investment trusts. REITs collect money from shareholders to invest in various types of real estate. In some cases, REITs buy commercial or residential property and then lease it out to collect income. Other REITs prefer to build their own buildings, while still others mostly trade financial securities tied to the real estate market.

REITs are like mutual funds, except they focus solely on real estate. Each share of a REIT represents a fractional interest in all the real estate in the REIT’s portfolio, with managers of the REIT deciding which properties to buy and sell.

Money market accounts and CDs

Investors often use bank accounts to earn interest on spare cash they don’t want to invest but also don’t need immediately for expenses. Money market accounts are like savings accounts, but with some additional features that often include check writing and higher interest rates. Certificates of deposit, or CDs for short, require the depositor to keep their deposits with the bank for a fixed period of time that typically ranges from three months to five years. Both types of accounts pay interest, and you’ll see various minimum investment levels depending on which bank you use and which type of account you want.

Mutual funds

Mutual funds are investment vehicles that let many different investors pool their assets together, with fund managers then taking the money and putting together a portfolio of stocks or other investments.


Exchange-traded funds are very similar to mutual funds, with the main difference being that ETF shares trade on major stock exchanges. Like mutual funds, each ETF share represents a fractional stake in the fund’s portfolio. Most ETFs use an index tracking strategy to match the returns of certain defined markets.


Master limited partnerships are businesses set up in different ways from corporations. MLPs offer some tax benefits over corporations, and you’ll most often find MLPs in the energy infrastructure and transportation industry.

MLPs typically have higher yields than most stocks. That’s because their underlying businesses produce ample cash flow to return to investors. MLPs also have tax benefits by not having to pay taxes at the entity level, with only investors getting taxed.

How do I open a brokerage account?
Here’s a simple seven-step process for opening a brokerage account:

  1. Determine the type of brokerage account you need.
  2. Compare the costs and incentives.
  3. Consider the services offered.
  4. Decide on a brokerage firm.
  5. Fill out the new account application.
  6. Fund the account.
  7. Start researching investments.
What are some common investment mistakes?
  1.  Putting all your eggs in one basket

  2.  Trying to time the market

  3.  Buying last year’s winners

  4.  Thinking short term

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